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Welcome to Caught Jester Books
Caught Jester Books is the trading identity of me, Mike Riddle, scribbler, writer 
and with my wife, Marie, independent book publisher.

Mike Riddle

I'm greatly pleased to announce that September 2017 saw the publication of "Uncertain Lives - A story of strength, hope and love for Leanna and Bethany Mills." Delivered to my dear friend, Beth at her twenty-first birthday party in Newcastle, this book may be of limited edition but I feel extremely proud and privileged to have written the story of the Mills family "the most unfairly damaged yet incredibly loving, courageous, determined and crazy family I've ever met." Love you guys!

News: September 2021

Little has happened in the publishing field since the last entry. My crime novel which said previously was ready for acceptance or rejection by agents and publishers, didn't venture past assessment, a predicted conclusion. My poetry, on the other hand has continued to develop thanks to reading and hearing the works of others at the Nigel Ford inspired and coordinated Fleurieu Poets, through joining the Ochre Coast Poets and by being mentored by the encouraging and insightful poet and beautiful soul, Jude Aquilina. Hopefully, water on the moon, an anthology of 70 odd poems will be published in the next year or so.

In the meantime I take great pleasure in announcing that in September I am to be a featured poet on Lindy Warrell's Wattletales blog. I'm chuffed!

CJB Publishing History
December 2010, "Uncle Chuck is my Hero!” was  produced as a gift for Charles Brice. 

Published in 2011:

"Missile Annie/Whinging William” (March)
"Miss Mumford's Mondays" (March)
"Three Cornered Hat" (July) 
"Simon Said" (December)
Harrison Hole Hero (March) Harrison Hole 8 (July)  Harrison Hole 8 1/2 (December)
Published in 2012:
"Wonderfully Imbecile" (March)
Published in 2013:
"The Kanceroo/"I'm Confused" (March) Illustrated by my immensely talented friend  Mandy Foot, this is the book I have most wanted to publish and will be the one I'll always cherish. Multiple ten-packs of "The Kanceroo" have been donated to the Adelaide Children's Hospital and more have been distributed through The Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation.
Published in 2015:
"one talk" (December) A seven-line poem written for every day of the year - resulting from responding to the weird titles that flashed into my head because of the prescription drugs taken for ten years before undergoing a neuromodulation implant. 

Published in 2016:

"Animaulia" (March) This, according to my sister, Susan, is the best work yet! Poetry in the style of Ogden Nash in which insects, crustaceans, reptiles and birds experience difficulties or worse still, come to sticky ends.

Published in 2017:

"Uncertain Lives - A story of strength, hope and love for Leanna and Bethany Mills." May this story serve as inspiration for others!

 Good News


If ordering on-line don't forget to tell us which market you attended, but whatever the case CJB will make sure you receive a truly amazing deal to match the truly amazing books.

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